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Kratom is a plant native to Southeast Asia. It is prized for its opioid-like effects. It has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine in Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar. For many people, it has become an alternative to prescription medication. It has also been studied by scientists and doctors who have tried to determine its positive effects on opioid withdrawal symptoms when taken daily or as a substitute for morphine-based painkillers. Potentiators are substances sometimes used to boost the effects, either for recreational or therapeutic purposes. Here we will review five popular potentiators and give you some kratom tips.

The Best Kratom Potentiators

Citrus Juice

The rich dose of Vitamin C found in citrus juice is thought to enhance the effects of Kratom. It is recommended that users try grapefruit juice or freshly squeezed orange juice with a teaspoon of powder or up to 8 grams of extract. You can also try juicing the bitter orange. Adjust the amount to be consistent with your taste and tolerance levels.

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is a yellow-colored spice that is commonly used in Asian cuisine. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that belongs to the ginger family. The herb has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of a variety of health conditions. Turmeric powder is also thought to enhance the kratom effects when combined with it significantly. Use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder per dose with 0.1 grams of extract. It will boost the duration and effectiveness of the effects.


Various studies have shown that coffee can boost cognitive performance, alertness, and energy levels. Caffeine is an antagonist to opioid receptors found in the brain. Elevated levels of caffeine are beneficial for those recovering from pain and anxiety. It is recommended to purchase regular or decaf coffee. Mix 2-4 tablespoons of coffee with 0.5 grams of extract. During preparation, make sure the coffee is hot but not boiling. This can be done by bringing the water to a boil and then letting it cool down for a couple of minutes before adding the powder or extract. Then, add more water, leave it steep for an hour, and strain the liquid into your cup, so you don’t get any sediment.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is an aromatic herb commonly used in herbal teas. It is an astringent and mild sedative that can relieve stress when consumed. Chamomile tea has traditionally been used as a remedy for insomnia. It has also been used to treat anxiety, restlessness, and nausea. It enhances the effects of kratom by calming and relaxing users. Drink up to three cups of chamomile tea daily. Loose-leaf kratom tea is often preferred because it is easier to adjust the strength of dosage.

Akuamma Seed

Akuamma is a flowering plant found in Africa. It has been used for centuries as a natural pain reliever and an aphrodisiac. It causes euphoria, euphoric high, and wild hallucinations when consumed in small doses. When taken in large quantities, it induces intense psychedelic effects with unpredictable side effects. This natural relaxant can increase the potency and duration of kratom effects. Powdered akuamma seeds can be mixed with kratom powder to add a psychoactive effect.

If mixing potentiators with Kratom tastes bad or is a hassle, another easy way to potentiate the effects of Kratom is to have one of these potentiators before enjoying a premade Kratom product. Drink a glass of water before cracking open a Kratom seltzer!

Keep an open mind and try different potentiators to find the perfect mix. Explore natural plant and spice choices to see what works best for you. Make sure you purchase high-quality organic product from a reputable vendor to ensure your safety and results. Get creative, make your potentiators, and experiment with different options to see what you like best.

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